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If you have physical ailments, or are suffering from pain, Montgomery Therapy can help.

treatmentroom1We are a Medicare-certified facility that provides quality, individualized physical therapy and rehab services. We offer experience, individual attention, respect, dedication, emotional support, and friendliness. Our trained, physical therapists can assess your situation and determine the best course of treatment to get you to your best. We specialize in sports related injuries, pre-post surgery treatment, and more. We also have a dedicated facility focused on therapy for amputees and use of prosthetics. How can we help you? Our Physical Therapy services help with:

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Patient Corner

What Our Clients Say…
I want to take the time to thank Montgomery Therapy for the wonderful treatment.  Meryl and Brendan have been great.  When I started in January I had no doubt that I would get excellent treatment.  Everything was explained and I was told it could take quite a while before I was without pain.  I had no illusions!  Thanks to the wonderful instruction, and dedication, I am pain free!! Patrick Porter April 14, 2015
Montgomery Therapy does a great job resolving causes of pain, patiently working with me to identify and implement different methods of treatment.  They worked with me to correct the problems causing pain, and enabled me to walk again without pain.  Success within 6 weeks! They are cheerful, encouraging and helpful with a professional manner at all times.  It is a pleasure to work with them. Peggy A. Bradshaw November 5, 2014
I’m very pleased with all aspects of physical therapy.  The staff worked well with me pre-and post- surgery.  PT plan was specific to my changing needs, achieving recovery goals with no pain.  Physical therapist, Paul Whittaker, is incredibly sensitive to changes and needs maximizing ability to recover, speed of recovery and motivation to push forward.  I would highly recommend Paul Whittaker and his Montgomery Therapy practice. Suzanne Takahashi June 18, 2014
When I started coming here I was in lots of pain and limited to do my daily activities.  I could not even lay down on my left shoulder for more than 5-10 minutes.  With Paul’s help and knowledge I can do all my activities that I could not do before. Jackie Somekhian October 23, 2013
I have made some major improvements since coming to Montgomery Therapy.  When I first started my back pain was intense and I had a hard time even walking.  Over the 6 past months my work with Meryl has significantly changed my movement and back pain.  She has helped me in many ways with her therapy.  I will also leave with a series of exercises to complete at home to continually strengthen my core and back.  Thank you for all of the help. Julie Ehrlich April 9, 2015
I came with an odd “injury” after prolonged sitting after a surgery, which was very odd.  Instead of disbelieving me (as the podiatrist and another PT Clinic responded to me).  Meryl listened very carefully and understood the cause and was easily able to construct treatment for me. Meryl performed a very thorough assessment and certified the areas that needed to be treated. I like the order of manipulation first, then exercise, then ice. When I first came in, I had difficulty sitting comfortably without my ankle hurting no matter how I positioned it, but after the completion of treatment.  I am able to sit comfortable, have more movement in my ankle than before my strain, and am able to go up and down stairs more easily even before my strain. Meryl is an outstanding therapist and the staff here is superb.  I highly recommend this practice to anyone. Marty Moore April 3, 2015