Paul Whittaker, PT, MPT, Physical Therapist, President

Paul WhittakerPaul Whittaker, a Physical Therapist licensed in Maryland, has been involved in Healthcare since 1992.  Over the years, Paul has served communities large and small because he believes there is a need for quality healthcare within our community.  In fact, he believes that the quality of care received by a patient and their family is the most important aspect of healthcare. Paul views physical therapy from a more holistic approach, where he addresses cardiopulmonary endurance, strength, power, flexibility relaxation,  body composition, healing and rehabilitating what has been damaged.

As a former Track & Field All-American in 1992 at Georgetown University and Olympic Trials Qualifier, Paul understands the effects of injury on performance and how this holistic approach can return one to pre-injury level  of performance.  This transcends all age groups and all activities; from running the Marine Corp Marathon to being able to tolerate Activities of Daily Living.   The key to longevity and enhanced quality of life involves a combination of healthy mind, body and spirit.  Paul graduated from the University of Maryland at Baltimore in 1997 with a Masters in Physical Therapy.

Paul has treated a variety of diagnoses and clients including sport and orthopedic injuries, joint replacements and other post surgical patients, cardiopulmonary conditions, deconditioning and balance disorders.  As a manual therapist, Paul has trained with multiple disciplines and clinicians, whereby he has gained a well rounded knowledge base which he applies whenever he practices.  “Find the source and address it… don’t just chase the pain.”  As a member of the APTA he believes that the profession must and will continue to grow and develop through applied research and science.  For Paul, keeping abreast of the most current approaches and treatments are vital for success in the clinic.  He has continued to develop his skills by receiving training from schools of thought such as: The Paris Institute for spinal mobilization, strain-counterstrain and muscle energy, & the American Physical Rehabilitation Network. Paul is also certified in dry needling to address myofasical pain, overuse injuries, and adaptive shortening of muscles.