Amputees & Prosthetics

prosthetics 2For many reasons thousands of Americans will require a partial or complete amputation of a limb this year.  It may be due to trauma or a disease process such as diabetes.  Montgomery Therapy implements evidence based approach to its management of amputees.  Using accepted outcome measures with its patients as well as using assessment skill and technology, Montgomery Therapy will implement a comprehensive treatment plan to enhance your quality of life, maximize independence, mobility and in the end maximize your prosthetic potential.


To ensure that potential is met Montgomery Therapy, LLC has teamed up with Certifed Orthotists and Prosthetist that will meet with you in the clinic or at your home! Throughout the different phases of care a licensed and credentialed physical therapist will focus on:

  • Pain management,
  • Comorbidity management,
  • Residual limb management,
  • Patient education
  • Behavioral health
  • ADL function
  • Community integration
  • Physical interventions & modalities

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